Háskólinn í Reykjavík, Haustönn 2016      
Tölvunarfræðideild [7,8]50-CYCR

Reykjavik University, Fall 2016
Computer Science [7,8]50-CYCR

Week 1: Cryptographic and Distributed Computational Building Blocks

Week 2: [Starting a] Deep Dive into Electronic Currencies

Week 3: Extensions, Practicalities, and Student Presentations


After Week 3: To Be Turned In

Each student must do the following:

  1. For each of the presentations, send your instructor e-mail (at jonathan@poritz.net) both
    1. a new idea/fact/formula/algorithm/etc. that you learned in this presentation, and
    2. a question you have after seeing the presentation, about the specific material it described, or how that material connects with something else.
    For both, give as precise and clear an explanation as you can.
  2. If you were involved in a team that did a presentation, send your instructor the following
    1. any presentation materials you used (in PDF format, please!),
    2. any code you made for your presentation, and
    3. a list of the references you consulted, if it is not already in the materials you sent as a., above.
  3. Make sure you have sent your instructor code for either the Block Chain Bucks project [final description on Thursday of the second week of this class; hopefully in version v2 or at least v1], or the model mining project [description on Friday of the second week of this class, with refinements on Tuesday of the third week].
  4. Also, send your instructor at least one other smaller programming project, from the first week of the class — signatures, encrypted chat, etc. — and one from the last week — implement scrypt, something which searches for Cunninham chains, or a secret sharing tool.
  5. For any code you send to submit as requested above, this is what it means for them to be "done":

If you worked with other students on some or all of the coding projects, that is perfectly fine, and each group may send to your instructor only one copy of their code. Please, however, make sure that whoever sends the code also tells the names of everyone on the team.

All materials should be submitted no later than 23:59:59 (GMT) on 19 December 2016.