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MAESTRO Summer Program

The MAESTRO Summer Program has been designed for students who have been admitted to the university but who would benefit from additional academic preparation. The primary focus of the program is to prepare students for entry into their college level general education courses. But MAESTRO is much more: students who participate live together in on-campus dormitories, where they will start their campus experience early, gain up to a semester's worth of college credit, participate in outdoor excursions each weekend, build meaningful academic relationships, and benefit from a small-group learning opportunities with the best professors CSU-Pueblo can provide.

Orchestrate Your Academic Legend!

We already know you have what it takes to Be Legendary at CSU-Pueblo, which is why we want to invite you to join the Pack this summer for 30 days of fun, interactive, and unique learning. The MAESTRO summer program is a residential program that combines the academic strengths of three tenured faculty members to integrate each of their courses—math, English, and history—into one curriculum.

As part of the program, you'll explore historical and cultural sites throughout Southern Colorado and participate in activities related to your coursework, like textile work, adobe brick making, and survival skills. The program also includes guest lectures, films, and other interactive learning opportunities.


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