Colorado State University, Pueblo
Independent Study on Algorithms and Data Structures
Math 295 — Spring 2014

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Instructor: Jonathan Poritz     Office: PM 248     E-mail:
Phone: 549-2044 (office — any time); 357-MATH (personal;please use sparingly)

Meetings with Instructor: W1-2pm at PM 248

Text: Introduction to Algorithms, (3rd edition), by Thomas Cormen, Charles Leiserson, Ronald Rivest, and Clifford Stein. (MIT Press, 2009. ISBN: 9780262033848; available here and here)

Course Content/Objective: This course is intended as an acceptable substitute for Math 345, about which the Catalog says:

An introduction to data structures, sorting, searching, recurrence relations and performance measures. Algorithms will be studied analytically and through computer implementation.

Prerequisites: For Math 345 the catalog requires a satisfactory grade (C or higher) in Math 207 (Matrix and Vector Algebra) and Math 224 (Calculus II). In addition, students should be comfortable with at least one computer language.

Postrequisites: This course (when officially called Math 345) is a requirement for the Minor in Computational Mathematics.

Workload: There will be (approximately) biweekly homework assignments, (approximately) biweekly quizzes, two larger tests, and a final project. Students may work together — in fact, they are encouraged to do so — on the homework and final project; quizzes and the tests will be performed individually.

Grades: In each grading category, the total points possible will be multiplied by a normalizing factor so as to come to 100. Then the different categories will be combined, each weighted by the "course %" from the following table, to compute your total course points out of 100. Your letter grade will then be computed in a manner not more strict than the traditional "90-100% is an A, 80-90% a B, etc." method. It is the policy of the Department of Mathematics and Physics that fractioned course grades (plusses and minuses) will NOT be assigned.

  pts each # of such # dropped revision % course %
Homework: 20 ≈8 1 50% 25%
Quizzes: 20 ≈8 1 50% 25%
Tests: >100 2 0 50% 25%
Final Project: >200 1 0 0% 25%

Students with disabilities: This University abides by the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which stipulate that no student shall be denied the benefits of education "solely by reason of a handicap." If you have a documented disability that may impact your work in this class for which you may require accommodations, please see the Disability Resource Coordinator as soon as possible to arrange accommodations. In order to receive accommodations, you must be registered with and provide documentation of your disability to: the Disability Resource Office, which is located in the Library and Academic Resources Center, Suite 169.