Introduction to TeX

  1. Q: What is TeX?
    A: It's a Markup Language, with a slightly tedious, moderately ugly, but very precise, flexible and customizable plain text source format (the file will be, for example, hello_world.tex; web-pretty version hello_world.tex; web-pretty) that must be run through a program (or programs) to produce output in a binary form (such as hello_world.dvi and/or hello_world.pdf) which can be printed or viewed on a screen with an appropriate program.
  2. The process, in the *nix world: OR
  3. The process, in the Mac world:
  4. The process, in the Windoze world:
  5. The process, in an operating-system independent way:
  6. Looking over the source file hw1.tex (web-pretty version hw1.tex) and its corresponding PDF hw1.pdf.
  7. Search engines are your friends, but here are some example resources: