OER One-Pager for Fact2Fac, Oct 2019

Jonathan A. Poritz

Eventually, I'll port this to HTML, but at the moment it is only available as PDF or, for those who want to remix, in the original LATEX source.

Here is the PDF version.

And here are the files one needs to make this with LATEX:

  1. The actual source: F2F1POct19.tex.
  2. Required image files:
    1. CC-BY.pdf
    2. costs_graph.pdf
    3. costs_key.pdf
    4. colorado_tuition_vs_state.pdf
    5. textbooks1980.pdf
    6. total_debt.pdf

On my machine, which is running Linux Mint "19.2 (Tina)" and which has a quite complete suite of texlive packages (including, crucially, texlive-base and texlive-latex-base; other required LATEX packages will be obvious to anyone who knows LATEX when looking at the \includepackage commands in the F2F1POct19.tex source file), at the command line, I do the following in a directory containing the above files:

          pdflatex F2F1POct19
          pdflatex F2F1POct19

If you want just to download one archive with all of those files in it, you could use either of the following two choices: